Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Six Pack Chef?

The Six Pack Chef is the Ultimate Diet Delivery Service in the Philippines that offers daily delivery of gourmet diet meals.

We are the only diet delivery service that guarantees results by providing Scientifically Designed, Precisely Calculated, and Professionally Prepared Gourmet Diet Meals that is delivered right at your doorstep daily 5, 6, or 7 days a week.

There are so many diet deliveries, what makes The Six Pack Chef different?

Here’s why we are the Ultimate Diet Delivery Service:

1. Scientifically Designed: We offer 5 different diet plans that are science based, and designed to suit your goals and maximize your results.

2. Precisely Calculated: More than just providing you the calories of each meal, we also provide you the break down of those calories specifically the macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, & Protein). We don’t eyeball measurements in our kitchen. Every ingredient and nutrient is measured down to the last gram, guaranteed.

3. Professionally Prepared: Your meals are prepared in a commercial commissary kitchen prepared by professional chefs and managed by licensed nutritionists and Servsafe Certified food safety managers. We have 4 licensed nutritionists in our team to make sure you are not only getting delicious gourmet meals but precisely calculated nutrition.

4. Gourmet Diet Meals: More than just getting you results, we also want you to enjoy your food. This is why we have designed our meals to be packed with flavor, delicious, and enjoyable to eat.

5. Delivered Daily: Our meals are delivered daily up to 7 days a week right at your doorstep. Forget about all the hassles of having to do groceries, prepare, and cook your meals. We will do this all for you and deliver it right at your doorstep.

What are your diet packages and rates?

Diet Packages: We offer 5 diet options for you to choose from depending on your goals, food preferences, and lifestyle. See our diet options here: DIETS

Rates: Our price is calculated based on your subscription dates, diet type, food restrictions, and calorie package. To give you an idea, our rates start at P750 per day with a minimum subscription of five (5) consecutive days. In order to see exact price of your order, you will have to create an order, choose your subscription dates, diet type, and calorie package.

You can also see a complete list of our daily rates, long term meal packages, and discounted meal credits here: RATES

How do I avail of discounted rates?

Option 1: Long Term Packages

Planning to go strict on your diet for the next few months? Subscribe for a minimum of 4, 8, 12, or 16 consecutive weeks with our Special Packages and avail of special prices and discounts.

Option 2: Purchase Meal Credits

Our meal credits work like an online wallet where you purchase a meal credit package at a discounted rate and use your purchased meal credits to pay every time you want to order. This works best if you want to avail of discounted rates, but cannot commit to a consecutive long term package.


Do you deliver? What's your delivery time?

Yes, all our meals are for deliveries only. We deliver to all cities and areas within Metro Manila.  The meals are delivered straight at your doorstep.

You can choose between two (2) delivery time options:

Option 1: 4PM-9PM (Day before Meal Date Delivery)

Option 2: 7AM-10AM (Same Day as Meal Date Delivery)

How do I order?

Option 1: To order via our website, click the QUICK ORDER button above.

Option 2: Call or text our hotlines at 0917-304-2854 or (02) 688-5328 so we can create the order for you.

How do I know which package is best for me?

We have six (6) in-house registered nutritionist-dietitians in our team to help you determine the best diet package for you based on your profile, goals, and preferences.

Get a free nutritional assessment to determine the best diet for you and your goals by calling us at 0917-304-2854

I am allergic to certain ingredients, can you customize my diet?

Yes. We can customize all our diet plans specific to your food restrictions. Additional charges may apply.*

*All customized orders are created a new recipe by our licensed nutritionists replacing restricted ingredients with alternatives while still trying to meet the nutrition of the original recipe. We also have a separate kitchen team who prepares customized orders to avoid any food or ingredient contamination.

Can you customize specific to my diet or macros?

We currently cannot accommodate this type of customization.

Where can I see your Menu?

You can see our daily menu and the breakdown of each meal’s calories and macros by clicking our menu option above.

Make sure to use the filter to see your preferred diet type and calorie option.

Can I order 1 or 2 meals only?

No. The Six Pack Chef is a weekly subscription diet service with daily delivery. All our packages come in a set that includes three (3) meals and one (1) snack.

For single meal orders and one time delivery options, you can check out our Muscle Meal option at where you can create an order with no minimum order required.

Can I order and start right away?

You can choose to start on any day of the week, be it a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday. However, we just require a three (3) day lead time of orders. This means that if you want to start on a Monday, orders must be made and confirmed on Friday the week before.

What are your payment options?

Option 1: Bank Deposit

Payments are accepted through bank deposit with either BPI or BDO. Online transfers are also accepted. Kindly send us a photo or screenshot of the transaction and send to our email once payment has been made with your order reference number as the email subject.

Option 2: Cash Collection

Our cash collection officer will go to your chosen address to collect the payment from you. Additional P150 service fee applies.

Option 3: Credit Card via Paypal

Make payment with your credit card via Paypal. Additional 5% service fee applies.

Can I have multiple delivery addresses?

Yes, we can deliver to different addresses everyday as long as all areas are within Metro Manila and we are informed at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery.