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Meet the Six Pack Chef

Hi! I’m Chef Jude. I am the founder of The Six Pack Chef. I am a Chef, Athlete, and an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Weight Management Specialist.

I have been very successful in helping my clients achieve the best shape of their lives by changing and improving their daily nutrition alone and I want to be able to help you, too!

What our customers & athletes are saying…

Am overly happy to find a food delivery company that doesn’t bank on clients being ignorant and doesn’t ride the fads. They’re very open and honest with what they’re sending you via labeling all their meals and giving the macro breakdowns. I really appreciate the personal approach they give via the introduction survey and I think that’s a true testimony to how much this company actually cares for their clients. They want us to succeed and I feel that.

Amy Berezowski

Entrepreneur & Professional Boxer

“I was happy to have partnered with The Six Pack Chef for my last championship fight. Proper nutrition is crucial for any athlete or individual with a specific fitness goal. There were days when I was completely exhausted from training and having ready made meals delivered at my convenient time made everything easier.
Everything is labelled so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and most importantly all the meals are tasty.”

Mark "Mugen" Streigl

MMA Champion Athlete

Single Meal Orders?

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The Six Pack Chef Muscle Meals are perfect for you!

With our Muscle Meals, there is no minimum order required.

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