I got pretty ripped since counting macros with you guys. I’m at the fitness level now people literally stare at me at the gym. I’m down at least 15 lbs overall since counting macros and half the time I used your service while I was in manila. I could’ve counted alone and cooked my meals but it’s a pain in the ass and I rather pay someone. You guys are the only ones that deliver 7 days a week and count properly. Thanks for a great program and service.

Jan Flores

The Six Pack Chef Customer

I really love the existence of The Six Pack Chef. You are a gift from the diet gods. Lol but really, it makes healthy eating really good because it makes you look forward to the next meal. Whenever i’m abroad, the variety in the menu is something i look for to keep my calorie intake in check. You’re doing great man, keep it up!

Paola Alvarez

The Six Pack Chef Customer


J is kind enough to share with us his transformation photos and we’d like to share that transformation with you.

This is what a combination of hard work and precisely calculated nutrition will bring you. Real Results.

J first subscribed on our High Protein Low Fat meal plan on July 2, 2018. And in just a span of 7 weeks he achieved an amazing transformation, losing a lot of body fat while retaining his muscle mass.

From 142 lbs, i went down to 130 lbs! I know that might not be huge but if you are 47 yrs old and have been trying on different diets to lose weight with little success, that is such a feat!

Mylene Rayala

The Six Pack Chef Customer

All meals throughout the day are equally of good taste. I’ve tried other calculated meal plans where I can only look forward to one dish of the day since the rest are gross but for Six Pack Chef they’ve all been delicious.”

Lourdes Batac

The Six Pack Chef Customer

Congratulations to one of our client Mr Nelson Quin for winning 1ST in his first ever Bodybuilding show at Swolzfest PCA 2018. 

Nelson Quin subscribed to our High Protein Low Carb meal plan from May 2018 to September 2018 in preparation for his first ever Bodybuilding show. 

This is what hard work, discipline, proper weight training and precisely calculated nutrition can bring you… REAL RESULTS that can even win you a bodybuilding competition. 

Nelson Quin, Bodybuilding Athlete

I’ve tried several home delivery meals, but I’ve got to admit, The Six Pack Chef is the best one I’ve tried. I love how they offer various meal plans to truly suit your fitness goals, and it’s great quality food! It also helps to know that Chef Jude knows what he’s talking about & applies it to the different meals he offers. Other than this, I commend their great customer service! They made sure my needs were met and went the extra mile to accommodate my requests.

Casey Erum

The Six Pack Chef Customer

You wouldn’t feel like you’re following a diet. It’s more like having gourmet food apportioned throughout the day.

Enrico Cordoba

The Six Pack Chef Customer

“Proper dieting is a commitment, a way of life, a personal goal that requires the attitude of consistency and the virtue of discipline.

But for someone like me who has demanding errands to deal with everyday, a full time job, a personal career to keep growing,  how could I be able to keep track with this healthy dieting and balance with a lifestyle I enjoy?

Well, thanks to Six Packs Chef, the moment I decided to create partnership with them, satisfying results blissfully came in. I could now enjoy long hours of working out without greatly going problematic about what would be on my plate right after. The proper food to eat and the agony of creatively preparing them was a task I was able to happily cross out from my daily to-do list. 

Providing me with the right content of dietary meals alongside keeping me with a program not difficult to maintain, I can definitely say that it brought huge amount of changes to my lifestyle and fitness. It’s like I’ve found a food best friend who were just always there to feed me with tender loving care.” 

Myra Golloso, Bikini Champion Athlete