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Superior nutrition and dieting is now enjoyable, easy, and convenient! Forget about having to calculate, plan, prep, and cook your meals. We will do this all for you! All you have to do is order through our website!


Step 1: Check Availability in Your Area

Fill out the details we need including your contact details and delivery area to see if we can accommodate you.


Step 2: Choose Your Start and End Dates

Choose your start and end dates by choosing the days on the provided calender. We have a 3-day lead time. This means that if you book on our website on Monday, you will only be able to start your meal plans with us on Thursday.

Note 1:  Daily cut off time is 5PM. Orders made past 5PM will be considered orders made the next day.

Note 2: We require a minimum order of 5 consecutive days.


Step 3: Choose Your Diet Plan

Choose from our pre planned menu options or customize your own diet plan by filling out the Custom Order Form.


Step 4: Review Your Menu

See and review the menu we have made for you including the nutrition facts per meal.


Step 5: Register or Login to Your Account

Create your account or login to your existing account. Creating your account with us is easy and free!


Step 6: Choose Your Payment Method and Make Payment

Choose your payment method. We offer bank deposit (BPI or BDO), and Cash Collection. Payments using credit cards and debit cards on our website will soon be accepted.


Step 7: Wait for Your Delivery

It’s that easy! Now you just have to wait for your meals to be delivered right at your doorstep.


Note: Delivery is scheduled between 4PM-8PM the day before your intended meal consumption (i.e. Monday meals are delivered on Sunday between 4PM-8PM). Meals are packed in a microwavable container and chilled to keep quality and freshness. Keep refrigerated and consume within specified date.