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THINKING OF DOING KETO? Read this first.

Keto is a type of diet that is High Fat, Ultra Low Carb, and Moderate in Protein. This means that most of your food sources will be coming from high fat items such as fatty cuts of meat, dairy, nuts, etc with very minimal carbs mostly coming from leafy greens and/or very low carb vegetables & fruits. Keep in mind that it’s not about eating any type of fat, but healthy fats sources. This forces your body to go into ketosis where fat is broken down into ketones which is then used as the primary source of energy for the body.

It is best to speak to your doctor or medical professional before beginning a keto diet as this will impact people differently health wise. Just because it worked for some does not necessarily mean it will work for you.

From a weight loss perspective, Keto produces very fast weight loss results due to the release of water weight which is stored in our muscles as glycogen. Glycogen is what the body uses as our main energy source which is produced from carbs and is partly water. Since a keto diet minimizes carb intake drastically, glycogen becomes depleted leading to weight loss. However, do not mistake weight loss for fat loss because once you get off on your keto diet, and start eating carbs again, your body will fill up with glycogen and along with that added water weight. This is why those who stop doing keto and go back to a regular diet moderate to high in carbs start to experience bloating in the first few weeks or months.

When it comes down to fat loss, it really boils down to energy balance. Meaning calories in and calories out. Keto works in a way not because of carbs restriction but because it’s a diet that naturally promotes calorie restriction. Think of it this way, since you are limiting yourself an entire food group that eliminates most of your food choices like pizza, breads, rice, you are putting yourself in a position where you don’t eat as much as you would regularly do. Furthermore, since high fat items such as steaks or a slab of meat takes a longer time to digest, it leaves you feeling fuller for longer making you naturally eat less food which means lesser calories than you would if you were on your normal and uncontrolled diet.


Dieting is all about adherence and consistency. If this is a diet you think you can stick to for the rest of your life, by all means do keto but make sure to talk to your doctor first. 

However, if you are the person who loves their carbs (rice, breads, pasta, desserts, treats, etc) or likes to eat carbs every few days or even sparingly, the Keto diet is NOT for you.


Because you will only put yourself in a position where you will most likely fail with your diet. Meaning, you might successfully lose weight for the next few weeks but eventually rebound to your original weight or worse heavier than when you started dieting when you quit the keto diet. This has happened to most, if not all, those who stopped with their keto diet.

Don’t worry, restricting carbs is not the only way to lose weight or fat.

Ultimately, it’s about precisely calculating your nutrition that fits according to your needs, goals, and food preferences.

Don’t know which diet would be best for you? Send us a message and our In-house Registered Nutritionist Dietitian will gladly help you.

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