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The science of food volume, macronutrients & calories, and calorie density.

Let’s define the following terms:
1. Food Volume – this is the actual amount of food (i.e 100g, 1 cup, 1Tbs, etc).
2. Macronutrients – how much Protein, Carbs, or Fat the food contains.
3. Calories – how much energy the food contains (calculated from macronutrients).
4. Calorie Density – how much calories it contain in relation to the food volume.

For example:
1 cup of white rice is around 220 Calories (50g Carbs, 4g Protein, 0g Fat)


1 cup of chopped carrots is around 50 Calories (12g Carbs, 1g Protein, 0g Fat)

Given this example, in terms of Food Volume they are the same (1 Cup), but in terms of calories and macronutrients they are completely different 50 Calories vs 220 Calories.

This means white rice is more calorie dense than carrots because it contains more calories at the same amount of food volume. And that you’ll have to eat almost 5 cups of carrots to match the calorie count of white rice.

So… if you wanted to eat “more” food because you are very hungry and you only have 250 calories left, eating 5 cups of carrots may be the better choice than eating 1 cup of white rice if feeling full was the goal.

You see, dieting for results is more than just eating healthy or restricting yourself from certain food or ingredients. IT’S A SCIENCE!

This is why, here at The Six Pack Chef everything is SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED & PRECISELY CALCULATED down to the last gram of macronutrients and actual food volume (by weight to be exact).

Doing it this way, we are able to manipulate volume of food so that our customers are able to have a feeling of satiety even with a lower calorie count.

This means a more sustainable diet in the long run.

This also means you get actual RESULTS, not just “weight loss”.

Champion athletes TRUST us with their nutrition. You can, too!

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